‘Hometown’ Thrilling Mystery featuring Acclaimed Actors

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Hello, viewers!

Are you into thrillers? How about mystery? Stories that captivate us with their detailed plot and bone-chilling tension then shock us with the twists – we have no other choice to get sucked into them at one go.

In September, a new mystery thriller drama is coming to OnDemandKorea. The drama that’s right up the alley for those who love K-mystery thrillers like Beyond Evil and The Cursed – it’s Hometown. Let’s check out the world of Hometown.

Hometown: What’s the truth of that day?

Set in 1999 in the fictional city of Saju, Hometown centers around detective Choi Hyung-in and restaurant chef Cho Jung-hyun. One is a victim who lost his wife at the terror attack at Saju Station 12 years ago, while one is the younger sister of the terrorist Cho Kyung-ho. And now, he is a detective of the kidnapping of Cho Jae-young, and she is Cho Jae-young’s aunt. As they investigate Jae-young’s disappearance, they find out that it’s somehow related to the terrorist attack 12 years ago and uncover the truth about the day that took the lives of many people.

Things to Watch For: Flawless Performances of Never-Failing Actors

Previously, Hometown made headlines for finalizing casting actors who are acclaimed for their acting skills. Choi Hyung-in, a detective in charge of the case, is played by Stranger and Itaewon Class actor Yoo Jae-myung. He will portray the complicated feelings of Hyung-in, who had buried himself in work since losing his wife in a terrorist attack but has to face the past to find out the truth.

Cho Jung-hyun, the younger sister of terrorist Cho Kyung-ho and the aunt of Jae-young that went missing, will be played by Han Ye-ri, who received worldwide attention with Minari. She will paint out the desperation and despair of a woman who had suffered the stigma of being a terrorist’s sister and people’s hostile gaze but faces an unbearable tragedy again when her niece goes missing. 

Cho Kyung-ho, a terrorist Hyung-in and Jung-hyun must go up against to dig the truth out, will be played by The Age of Shadows and Night in Paradise actor Um Tae-goo. He is a villain who has killed countless people, and yet it is said that he also holds a secret that will surprise the world. All three actors had captivated viewers with their outstanding performances in various movies and dramas. We expect them to show another impressive acting in Hometown as well.

Things to Watch For: The Process of Uncovering the Secret

Hometown is an investigative drama centering around a detective, but the case he investigates is a terrible case that took place 12 years ago, maybe even more, and resulted in numerous victims. The main characters need to find answers to two questions. The first is the whereabouts of Cho Jae-young, a 15-year-old girl who suddenly disappeared in 1999 (the present time in the drama). Jae-young is the daughter of Cho Kyung-ho, the perpetrator of the 1987 terrorist attack involving nerve gas. She has been holding a secret that she did not tell anyone, not even her aunt. And this secret is a clue to a series of murders in Saju and the truth of the 1987 incident.

The second question is about the truth about the terrorist attack that killed countless people. Terrorist Cho Kyung-ho never revealed the reason for his crime, but he finally opened his mouth 12 years later when his daughter went missing. Choi Hyung-in and Cho Jung-hyun need to know the truth to find Jae-young, and to do so, they play a fierce mind game with Kyung-ho.

So far, we have looked at the upcoming series, Hometown. The fact that it’s a mystery thriller already intrigues us, but now that we’ve learned about the overall plot, characters, and the cast, I’m sure you can’t wait to dive in.

If you are curious about what happened in Saju in 1999 and 1987, watch Hometown on OnDemandKorea on September 22nd.

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