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Queen of Straw

Hong Hyun-hee becomes the Queen of Straw! In a new series, the comedienne follows the trend, trying various secondary jobs to create satisfiable income. When making money, she will return it to viewers in funny...

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The Shop Next to the Best

There are a lot of restaurants. Some are known as the best holes in the wall, while others, especially neighboring restaurants, are relatively unknown. The Shop Next to the Best, a new food-tasting reality show...

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Face ID

A sneak peak into your favorite celebrities’ daily life! You can watch celebrities’ smallest habits and private life, enjoying their surprisingly down-to-earth sides.

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March of the Ants Chapter 1

March of the Ants is an ambitious project to turn celebrities into well-educated investors. Noh Hong-chul, famous for his ill-timed investment, and panels with no experience in making a financial portfolio, learn the 101 of...

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Zzim Kyung-kyu

Lee Kyung-kyu, the legendary comedian who just celebrated his forty years of career, explores a new realm: the digital. In Zzin Kyung-kyu, he leads a team of creators/producers who are relatively new, including Kwon Hae-bom,...

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The Night Stroll

Walk the night lane with Yoo Hee-yeol. Late Night Stroll follows Yoo wandering various places in Seoul that are worth exploring. Quiet and lonely walks will lead you to enjoy the sentiment or to trip...

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Shall We Chat?

Shall We Chat? can be defined as a near-silent talk show. Kim Eana, a famous lyricist, sits down with a guest every week to chat using Kakaotalk. Actors, singers, and other celebrities only use their...

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March of the Ants Chapter 2

March of the Ants, a grand project that turns investment beginners into well-informed investors opens a practical chapter. The panels start making their financial portfolios with guidance from experts and advice from celebrity investors. Who...

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YO! U Too!

BewhY, one of the best rappers in the K-hip-hop scene and an authentic Korean through and through, embarks on a new challenge: to write his lyrics in English! Learn to speak phrases for daily conversation...

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Comeback Show MU Talk

Get the fastest, latest K-pop performances with exclusive interviews and live chat with your stars.

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Wannabe Ryan

There are many mascots representing significant events or local governments. But, not every mascot earns nation-wide love and support like Ryan or Pengsoo. Wannabe Ryan is a reality-competition show for unknown or forgotten mascots, where...

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March of the Ants Chapter 3

March of the Ants, a grand project that turns investment beginners into well-informed investors, opens a new chapter. The panels make other financial portfolios with advice from the expert. They also learn from self-educated celebrity...

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