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How can we live life smarter and happier? Introducing Kim Mi-kyung, the self-development guru. You can learn about self-caring, networking, financial management, and forward-thinking. Collect knowledge and get comfort from other people’s invaluable stories.

The First-Ever Youtube University!

Comforting Words for People Going Through a Tough Time.

In My Opinion – Hot Item Review

In My Opinion – Hot Item Review is a review talk show hosted by Kim Mi-kyung. She covers everything, from products to services and contents. Her honest opinions and recommendations will help you choose items...

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Book Drama

Book Drama is a book talk show produced and hosted by Kim Mi-kyung. She introduces books and talks about not only the books but also how they influenced her. Enjoy some good books with MK’s...

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Dream Money

How can you earn, save, and manage your money? Kim Mi-kyung presents Dream Money: a program that teaches what you need to know about making money. You can learn everything about managing your career and...

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Art of Communication

MKTV presents ‘Art of Communication,’ a must-know conversation skills for your interpersonal relationship. You can learn how to converse with others while protecting yourself, building and maintaining vital connections, and managing your social life.

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Book Talk

Book Talk, hosted by Kim Mi-kyung, is a book talk show with authors. She invites authors of the books that she wants to recommend, read the books from various angles, and dig them more in-depth.

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Kind Criticism

Kim Mi-kyung, the renowned author and leading lecturer on personal development, presents Kind Criticism: a short talk based on her experience on interpersonal relationships. She kindly points out the truth we all want to avoid...

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From MK

A collcetion of various programs hosted by Kim Mi-kyung, such as self-development workshops, consultation, and life coaching.

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MK Beauty Salon

Welcome to MK Beauty Salon, the gathering place for women who need a pleasant conversation with others. The show provides a warm and familiar feeling that you can have from a conversation with old friends....

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MK Show

MK Show is a series of interviews conducted by Kim Mi-kyung. She meets some inspirational people and hears their honest life stories.

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