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ENHYPEN Debut Show

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Sandpiper Asks for Direction in the West Sea

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Nagging Parents – Back in the Day

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    72sec TVFoodFREE

    Recipes We Love

    A daily dish can be the most delicious food if love is added, and a cooking show can be fun with a colorful touch. Introducing Recipes...

    72sec TVDramaFREE

    Oh, Journey: Spring

    Yeo-jung quits the job. She says goodbye to the miserable days at work. And she starts traveling alone. Arriving at Kyungju, she starts her trip at...


    The Birth of the God of Battle

    In the Japanese colonial period, a young boy named Jung-tae, took care of his little sister Chung-ah after the father left and the mother died. When...

    FREEMBC PlusVariety

    Sea Police 2

    Sea Police is Back! In the second season, four celebrities go to Jeollanam-do to accompany the regional Coast Guard. The show follows them executing various KCG...



    Four years ago, when the zombies swept the south region of the Han peninsula, Jung-suk, an Army officer, lost his family to the outbreak. Now, living...


    National Park, Seed Of Hope

    Since 1967 when Jirisan became the first National Park, there are 20 National Parks in South Korea. They don’t just offer incredible sights for visitors but...

    Channel ADocumentaryFREE

    High School Health Classmates

    In ‘High School Health Classmates,’ four unnies gather around to learn how to share information and knowhows on healthcare. Every week when the class is in...



    PLAY SEOUL aims to suggest a new way of traveling Seoul in the post-COVID era. K-POP stars introduce hidden gems and favorite places in Seoul to...


    Law of the Jungle – With Hell Granny

    Law Of the Jungle returns with Kim Su-mi, the oldest member in history! In the new season, called ‘With Hell Granny,’ the clan resides in Yangyang,...

    FREETV ChosunVariety

    We Got Divorced

    We Got Divorced is an observational reality show focusing on couples who try to navigate their relationship after the painful separation. Two celebrity ex-couples will live...


    Exit – Survival King

    Exit – Survival King is an information show on how to prepare for unpredictable disasters and accidents. The panels visit disaster sites to find out what...


    It’s OK, Dad

    Park Yong-ho just retired from the job he worked for 30 years. He dreamed of being a drummer a long time ago, but he chose to...

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