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    Homemade Love Story

    Homemade Love Story follows the residents of Samkwang Villa, a boarding house at the center of Seoul. The residents came from everywhere, and they remain because...


    Book Channel E

    Book Channel E is a weekly short-form documentary that reintroduces selected books published in Korea for the last 100 years. Some books once dominated the nation...


    2020 Tail

    2020 Tails is a unique talk show that brings back the memories of ‘shocking days’ in modern Korean history. Three celebrity storytellers deliver the tales by...


    Two Face

    Can you tell which is “fake news” among the information in your hand? Two Face is a new current affair/quiz show that follows the exciting progress...


    Zombie Detective

    Zombie Detective is a comedy series that follows an undead detective, his human partner, and slightly weird characters in a small village. Kim Moo-young is a...


    A Very Special Journey

    A Very Special Journey

    Baduk TVPREMIUMSports

    Sawpalcosanol Baduk Competition

    Sawpalcosanol Baduk Competition, the domestic Baduk competition sponsored by Infobell, aims to find the best baduk player. In the first competition, eight players competed against each...


    I Want to Make Money

    I Want to Make Money is a new information variety series that focuses on the hottest potato of Korean Society: the real estate. The Neighborhood Expeditors,...


    47th Korea Broadcasting Award Ceremony

    Korea Broadcasting Awards is are awards hosted by the Korean Broadcasters Association for achievements in broadcasting. The awards go to this year’s best programs and outstanding...

    DramaFREETV Chosun

    My Father

    Yong-man and Soon-ju always feel sorry for their four kids. No matter how hard they worked, even in their 60s, they couldn’t provide their children with...


    Can We Love Again 3

    Can We Love Again is back with Season 3! Under the subtitle “Unexpected Couples,” this season features eight men and women pretending couples. Every celebrity makes...


    Man in a Veil

    Tae-poong is a man in his 20s whose intellectual level remains seven years old because of an accident. His mother, Ms. Lee, tries to marry him...

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