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    Channel AFREEVariety

    Nowadays Family Golden Class

    Do you want a perfect family? You can learn from here! Nowadays Family is a lecture show that every parent should watch. Based on the actual...

    FREETV ChosunVariety

    Natives’ Eight Provinces of Korea Report

    Natives’ Eight Provinces of Korea Report is a travel project aiming to boost the local economy. Every week, three celebrity hosts go to a local city...


    Law of the Jungle Wild Wild West

    Byung-man clan goes to the Wild West Sea! Kim and his members will experience the wild and harsh nature of the west sea’s tidal flats.


    Sound Story

    Sound Story is about the sound and the story behind it. Every week, three celebrity ‘sound catchers’ go to certain places to capture the very sound...

    Channel AFREEVariety

    City Fishers 3

    City Fishers comes back with Season 3! The celebrity anglers still cast their rod for the thrill at hand. For them, even a little competition would...


    Sporty Bros

    Sporty Bros follows six sports stars trying various things they’ve missed. The “Bros,” top male athletes in their fields, encourage each other to challenge something they’ve...


    Save the Business

    Save the Business in danger of shutting down! For helping small business owners, celebrities sell the product in live commerce shows. Is their passionate promotion paid...


    Kids Are Love

    A very special concert celebrates Children’s Day. From the best K-Pop vocalists to the children’s choir, artists bring fantastic performances in hopes of achieving safety and...


    Youth of May

    In Gwangju, May 1980, Hee-tae and Myung-hee met. Hee-tae, known as a prodigy, is a child of a single mother. He relentlessly fought against prejudices against...


    Family Month – Special Documentary

    For Family Month, we are going to listen to funny and moving stories of different families. We already met these father and son who had difficulty...

    FREETV ChosunVariety

    Tuesday Competition

    Tuesday Competition is the new game show that brings energy to your life! Every week, celebrity guests join the program, making two teams – red and...


    Chick Highkick

    Celebrities turn into Taekwondo teachers in Chick Highkick! The show, featuring celebs who are masters in Taekwondo, martial arts, or child care, opens a neighborhood Taekwondo...

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